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Hi I’m Tim, the owner of CL2 but also a senior stylist in the salon. I served my apprenticeship in Adelaide Australia some years ago now and started in the eighties which was a revolutionary time for the industry with the advent of punk, hair extensions and of course perms!

Having been a part of all that my love of hairdressing comes from the wonderful diversity and creativity hairdressing the industry can give me both the clients and me as a stylist. Returning from Australia I worked for 2 years in Chelsea in London, and from there moved to Kent. Cranbrook is a great Town, and CL2 is a great place in which to work. Great clients, great staff and we offer a great service. Who could ask for more!


Hi I’m Susie (also known as Mrs Tim!) Tim and I are married and have two great teenage children I am the phone line Receptionist at CL2 as well doing “all the other “stuff””. In my previous life, I have done Sales and Marketing, I also have a bit of a tekke background with a touch of web design & Internet Security thrown into the mix. All the behind the scenes “stuff” is my responsibility as well as making sure the salon and business run as smoothly as possible. Additionally, I do the resourcing for fresh new ideas like the disposable eco towels, as well as making sure the Quality Street and other assorted goodies never run out!


Hello, my name is Sophie, I joined the Team straight from School in September 2016 and I’m now the Senior Apprentice at CL2. Hairdressing has always been a passion of mine as it’s such a creative career, I love experimenting with my own hair (purples, pinks, greens, grey!) as well as with my cut. I love doing Hairdressing as you can be creative and find different things to suit clients. Since I started at CL2 my confidence has increased immensely and now, enjoy having a good chat! I study for my NVQ2 each week at the amazing SAKS Academy training centre in Maidstone, the rest of the time I am learning from L’Oréal,who train in the salon on colour (also by watching experts Tim and Katja!). Soon I will commence my NVQ3 and Barbering Qualification as well. I am already building up my own clients with Blow Dries, Cutting and applying Colour. As I am finishing my NVQ2 I am the salon’s Under 13’s Specialist Stylist and loving it, especially the amazing reviews I get from my younger (as well as “more mature”) clients, Thank You!


Hi I`m Katja and I am the senior stylist at CL2.

Always been interested in Hairdressing, I started my apprenticeship in 2002 at the Kensington and Chelsea College in London and worked in different salons in Kensington and Notting Hill over the years, working with a great team and clients with different backgrounds, my passion for hairdressing has grown and I do enjoy and love every aspect of it.

I`m also a mum of 2 lovely children which has become my other big love... We moved from London to Kent and enjoy a more relaxed life as a family.

CL2 is a great place to come to and I can enjoy my work and use my skills to make clients feel good and happy. It is nice to work within a team which is so supporting and welcoming.