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Hi I’m Tim, the owner of CL2 but also a senior stylist in the salon. I served my apprenticeship in Adelaide Australia some years ago now and started in the eighties which was a revolutionary time for the industry with the advent of punk, hair extensions and of course perms!

Having been a part of all that my love of hairdressing comes from the wonderful diversity and creativity hairdressing the industry can give me both the clients and me as a stylist. Returning from Australia I worked for 2 years in Chelsea in London, and from there moved to Kent. Cranbrook is a great Town, and CL2 is a great place in which to work. Great clients, great staff and we offer a great service. Who could ask for more!


I’m Susie (also known as Mrs Tim!) Tim and I are married and have two great 15 & 16 year teens. I am the Manager at CL2 as well doing all ‘the other “stuff”’. You may well speak to me when making an appointment and I make sure the salon run smoothly. I do all the resourcing from our Phorest salon software, disposable eco towels, this website, and more as well as making sure the yummy desk chocolates’ never run out! I am also a Certified NLP Master, Life and Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist and have a private therapy room at the salon as well as ‘The Oasis’ in Sutton Valence, sneak a peek at to find out more.


Hello, my name is Sophie, I joined the Team straight from School in September 2016 and I’m now the Senior Apprentice at CL2. Hairdressing has always been a passion of mine as it’s such a creative career, I love experimenting with my own hair (purples, pinks, greens, grey!) as well as with my cut. I love doing Hairdressing as you can be creative and find different things to suit clients. Since I started at CL2 my confidence has increased immensely and now, enjoy having a good chat! I study for my NVQ2 each week at the amazing SAKS Academy training centre in Maidstone, the rest of the time I am learning from L’Oréal,who train in the salon on colour (also by watching experts Tim and Katja!). Soon I will commence my NVQ3 and Barbering Qualification as well. I am already building up my own clients with Blow Dries, Cutting and applying Colour. As I am finishing my NVQ2 I am the salon’s Under 13’s Specialist Stylist and loving it, especially the amazing reviews I get from my younger (as well as “more mature”) clients, Thank You!


Hi I`m Katja and I am the senior stylist at CL2.

Always been interested in Hairdressing, I started my apprenticeship in 2002 at the Kensington and Chelsea College in London and worked in different salons in Kensington and Notting Hill over the years, working with a great team and clients with different backgrounds, my passion for hairdressing has grown and I do enjoy and love every aspect of it.

I`m also a mum of 2 lovely children which has become my other big love... We moved from London to Kent and enjoy a more relaxed life as a family.

CL2 is a great place to come to and I can enjoy my work and use my skills to make clients feel good and happy. It is nice to work within a team which is so supporting and welcoming.