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Helping our planet

Way back in May 2012 Tim and Susie made a massive step towards CL2
being an ECO salon!

In May 2012 we were one of the first salons to exchange our cotton towels for disposable eco hair towels, and in June 2015 we introduced the smaller white hand drying towels for the bathroom.

Our SimplyDry towels are completely recyclable as well as compostable and would encourage you to take them home for jobs like cleaning floors and windows, mopping up spills and even drying the dog! They can be washed through and dried as well, prolonging their eco life in your home.

The towels are made from renewable ethically sourced materials, and the wood pulp is sourced from certified sustainable forests using environmentally sound processes. This greener, cleaner toweling system helps protect the environment and has helped to slash the salon’s carbon footprint as well as providing the best in salon hygiene for our customers.

Like all salons we used to wash used towels daily (we had a LOT of towels!) but it is hugely draining on the environment in terms of water and energy used, as well as adding unwanted cleaning chemicals to the water system. It is also a little known fact that cotton is one of the world’s most pesticide-dependent agricultures, so we are also decreasing the world’s pesticide pollution!

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